We Help You Understand Your Pet’s Nutritional Needs

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Two things, more than anything else, impact your pet’s health:

  • Activity
  • Food

Feeding your pet the appropriate diet is one of the most important decisions that you can make as a pet owner. There are many food options available for you to choose from which can be overwhelming. We can help.

Here are some of the different reasons why your pet needs an individualized nutritional assessment:

  • Puppies and kittens have different nutritional needs than an adult dog or cat. This can also depend on the breed of your pet.
  • Pregnant/lactating dogs or cats also need specialized nutrition to help support them as they care for their young.
  • Your senior pet may require different nutritional needs than in previous years.

Our veterinarians and staff will help you make sure that you are providing the best nutritional support for your pet no matter which stage of life he or she is currently living.

There are also prescription diets that we can utilize to help us maintain diseases like diabetes, liver disease, urinary stones, food allergies and joint disease just to name a few.

We can also help you with a program to get an overweight pet down to a healthy weight, which is an important health consideration for all pet owners. Sometimes, just a few more walks per week or a couple more blocks per walk is all the difference for the health of your pet.

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“ Your office is, of all the vets I have ever been to, the nicest looking and best kept. It creates an atmosphere that makes me feel at ease having my pets cared for in your facility. ”

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“ The receptionist was fabulous! She made us (and our pet) feel very much at home! ”

“ This was the best experience I’ve ever had with a vet office; I’m recommending this office to friends and family. We’ll be returning with all of our animals from now on! ”

“ I would rather take my dogs to you than my family members to their doctors. You care. It is important for me to know my dogs are in the best place. Thank you. ”

“ I found the practice decor very warm and inviting. There was no “vet” smell and no strong air freshener that is sometimes offensive at other offices I’ve visited. ”

“ You are all so amazing! I’ve been very impressed with the friendliness of everyone on staff. My dog loves coming to the vet because of all the attention she gets while we’re there. Keep up the good work! ”

“ I love Cleveland Park Animal Hospital. Everyone is so friendly to both me and my pet. Most wonderful vet experience I’ve ever had. ”

“ All your staff has always been thorough and professional. My experience has been comforting since the staff all appear to be genuine in being animal lovers. ”

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