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Care For Exotic Pets At Cleveland Park Animal Hospital

Exotic pets are becoming more popular in American households. These unusual pets have veterinary needs that are uniquely their own. It is important that they receive regular veterinary care, just like more traditional pets.

Cat and hedgehog sniffing noses

Small Mammals

The variety of small mammals available as pets has increased dramatically throughout the years. If your family pet is a rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, gerbil, chinchilla, or ferret, we can help you take the best possible care of them—keeping them healthy and happy. Many small mammals do not need vaccines but it is required to have ferrets vaccinated for rabies virus in South Carolina. They still need care to make sure their nutritional needs are met and that they are healthy.


Snakes and lizards are very popular pets. They tend to need in-depth care, especially when it comes to husbandry.

We welcome your reptile to our practice for any veterinary care they may require, as long as they are a non-venomous species. If your reptile has a change in feeding habits or activity level, it is vitally important that he or she is seen by an experienced reptile veterinarian as soon as possible.

We will be happy to advise current or future reptile owners about proper care of these unique pets and their special needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Other Exotics

If you have a different type of exotic pet that needs veterinary attention, please call us and let us know about your pet, including what health issue he or she is experiencing. If we cannot treat your particular exotic, we will likely be able to recommend a facility that can help.