Pet Boarding and Grooming at Cleveland Park Animal Hospital

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Our well-trained staff in Greenville, SC works tirelessly to care for your dog or cat, and to make sure he or she is happy, safe, and active while you are traveling. This way you can focus your attention on your trip and rest assured your pet is receiving the best possible care.

We make sure that all of our boarding dogs are walked three times per day to maintain their energy requirements. We supply a high quality dog/cat food that is chicken based, bedding and bowls for your pet while they are here with us. We can even text or e-mail a picture of your pet to you while you are away.

If you pet has special needs, medications, a specific diet, or any other type of specialized care, we will work with you to develop an individualized plan to make sure all of your pet’s needs are met. Call today and schedule a tour of our Greenville boarding facilities or schedule your pet’s stay.

Dog Grooming Services

Proper and regular grooming is vital for your pet’s health, cleanliness, and comfort. Sometimes dogs or cats with long coats can become matted. Older pets, or pets with health problems, can have a difficult time keeping themselves clean.

Our groomer has 20 years of experience working with all types of dogs and cats, and is skilled at handling your pet in a non-threatening, gentle way.

During your pet’s grooming, we will wash them with an all-natural, hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner. During this process we will also clean his/her ears, trim their toe nails, and express their anal glands. Once clean and dry, our groomer will then brush and cut their coat if needed.

Our groomer is knowledgeable with all breed specific cuts that your pet may require. For any questions or to schedule a grooming appointment, please email our groomers or contact us today.

“ Clients for 40 years and feel our pets and livestock are always in the best hands possible when CPAH has them. ”

“ I really like checking out in the exam room. It makes checking out much easier. ”

“ Love taking care of the bill while still in the exam rooms! Great idea! ”

“ Your office is, of all the vets I have ever been to, the nicest looking and best kept. It creates an atmosphere that makes me feel at ease having my pets cared for in your facility. ”

“ The care that my pets have received has been exemplary. I have never left with a question unanswered or a concern not addressed. Follow-up care, when needed, has also been phenomenal. ”

“ I couldn’t be happier with how I and my pets have been treated. I recommend this practice to anyone I know who has pets. ”

“ Always awesome visits. The staff is really great. They call you by name when you walk in the door and that’s excellent customer service. Love all the vets too! ”

“ We appreciated that the staff asked permission before taking lab work, very thoughtful! ”

“ This was our first visit and we were so appreciative of the open office hours on Saturday. I have had various animals at different vets around the upstate and this was by far the most pleasant experience. ”

“ The receptionist was fabulous! She made us (and our pet) feel very much at home! ”

“ This was the best experience I’ve ever had with a vet office; I’m recommending this office to friends and family. We’ll be returning with all of our animals from now on! ”

“ I would rather take my dogs to you than my family members to their doctors. You care. It is important for me to know my dogs are in the best place. Thank you. ”

“ I found the practice decor very warm and inviting. There was no “vet” smell and no strong air freshener that is sometimes offensive at other offices I’ve visited. ”

“ You are all so amazing! I’ve been very impressed with the friendliness of everyone on staff. My dog loves coming to the vet because of all the attention she gets while we’re there. Keep up the good work! ”

“ I love Cleveland Park Animal Hospital. Everyone is so friendly to both me and my pet. Most wonderful vet experience I’ve ever had. ”

“ All your staff has always been thorough and professional. My experience has been comforting since the staff all appear to be genuine in being animal lovers. ”

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